I'll be honest, memorizing scripture is not my strong suite, but when I realized that I was fumbling with scripture that is living and dwelling in hearts, and completely butchering it, I felt like I needed to get serious about memorizing scripture. Out of this need to effectively, and easily memorize scripture comes the #shdcscriptureseries! You can read more about how I came up with the process here, or jump right in. The beauty of it is you can start today, no need to wait for the first of the month, simply click on the current month and gain access to a completely free set of digital tools to get you started on this year long journey of memorizing one scripture per month. I'm so glad you're joining us!

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Join us as we memorize Psalm 65:8 for the month of February.

Proverbs 1624


Join us as we memorize Proverbs 16:24 for the month of March

Scripture for a weary soul
Esther 4:14


Join us as we memorize Esther 4:14 for the month of May


Join us as we memorize Jeremiah 31:25 for the month of April