June Scripture Verse

Happy June! 
Welcome to the #shdcscriptureseries! This series is a free, interactive memorization challenge designed to help you write scripture on your heart through daily exposure.  The best part is that its is designed to foster community. I have had already had many of you share your struggles, joys and temptations over the past month through instagram groups, emails and messages. It is so cool to see women connecting online through shared experiences because of this series. It is also designed to point you back to Jesus, not to me, not to my business. I found an easy and effective way to memorize scripture and I want to share that with you. No strings attached. What do you say?

The first of the month has now become one of my favorites!
— Scripture Series Subscriber
You are preaching straight to my heart this month! So excited!
— Scripture Series Subscriber

Heres the drill:
1. New Each Month
On the first of every month I will share a new verse and passcode for your phone, along with free content like screensavers, worksheets and more! (check your inbox, instagram or sidneyhunter.com)

Ephesians 4:29

2. Hit Reset
Reset your passcode  with the new verse and download the iphone or computer screensavers that will be provided for each verse.  This month's passcode is 0 4 2 9

Palm Leaf Photography
Verse about building others up

3. The Challenge
Every time you unlock your phone using the pass code recite the verse. The first couple of days you will likely type in your old password, this will help you remember the challenge!  (I recommend turning your finger print shortcut off so you actually have to type the numbers)

4. Dig A Little Deeper
This is a tried-and-proven method of memorizing scripture, but it becomes even more effective when you apply it to your life. We are designed to be in community with one another, and this series is a great way to foster Christ-centered community. I will provide worksheets and send out conversations throughout the month, I encourage you to participate. The Lord will begin refining your heart if you take these verses and apply them to the worksheets, and share it with others. Lets do this together!

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