February Scripture


Welcome to the #shdcscriptureseries. 
Most of you will probably agree that memorizing scripture is hard. It took a few years of drowning in neon index cards taped to every surface of my house for me to find an effective and easy method to memorizing scripture, and I want to share it with you! Each month I will share a scripture verse along with totally free, easy-to-apply tools to help you memorize the verse. This year-long memory challenge is designed to not only help write the word of God on our hearts, but to have a community of cheerleaders and accountability partners working together to grow toward gaining a better understanding of who God is, and how we can be better equipped to share his good news.


I wrote all about how I came up with my iphone passcode process on my blog, check it out for more details and to read about how this method came in clutch when I needed it big time!

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