The Secret to my Best Seller

When A and I got married we chose my parents house which meant that on top of wedding projects we were also doing lots of home projects. My mom, aunts, sister and cousins spent hours sewing, sanding and refinishing wedding and home goods. One of the special items we used was my great grandmother's rocking chair. We painted the chair white but it needed a little bit more. Enter Antiquax. 


Antiquax is a wax polish that is brushed on and wiped off to highlight the natural sheen of the wood. It brings out the wood grain and adds a level of variation that makes whatever item you are refinishing appear more natural.


This item is easy to use and impactful. In just a matter of minutes your project is on the next level. The process is so simple:

1. Paint the piece
2. Let it dry
3. Lightly sand the piece
4. Wipe down with damp cloth, remove all dust/particles from surface
5. Use a clean brush (I always use the same brush for waxing, and I do not clean it between uses. I have my brush labeled "wax" so I know not to use it with paint/stain or other mediums) and lightly swipe wax across the surface. I cover the entire piece with the wax, just making quick, soft brush strokes back and forth. Note: Do not over-use wax, simply brush all over the piece one time, it's okay to leave some paint showing through/not cover every inch.
6. Use a cloth to wipe down the piece. I use an old T-shirt and firmly buff out the wax so that the wax is pressed into the wood grain. I use small, quick motions to move the cloth across the piece. Note: be aware of the color cloth you are using as some fibers may enter the wood or "stick." Read: don't use a red T-shirt on a white recipe box!!


It really is as simple as that! This is the process I use to finish my 2017 Etsy Best Seller, the Rustic Recipe Box. The wax tones down the stark white paint and brings out the natural sheen of the wood creating a soft, warm, rustic feel.


Have you ever used Antiquax, or another product you love? Tell me about it in the comments!

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